Youth Focus: Under 10s

Our Under 10 team is coached by Father and Son team Joe and Liam Franco. Jos is no stranger to local youth football at all levels and even at National Squad level too. Liam is doubling up his youth coach duties with turning out for the senior team having made his debut against FC Bruno’s Magpies Reserves on Sunday. The Under 10s have been together for a number of seasons and are a well gelled and oiled football machine that got to the finals of the FUTSAL tournament and the Under 9 Cup last year. They capped off a great season by participating in the Boni Cup in Marbella in June. It is their turn to showcase their talents today.


Liam, coming from a player who has played at the top level in Gibraltar and internationally, how vital is it the kids get the same type of training you did while playing football?

LF: I think it’s important our players are exposed to the best possible coaching available for them to give them the best chance of developing into good footballers. Our group has worked on a lot of ball work, working on the fundamentals. Pass, RWTB ECT. Joe and myself like our players to be comfortable and creative and we intend to continue working hard throughout the season to reach our goals.

Joe, how has preseason gone so far?

JF: We’ve taken part in friendlies across the border in Spain winning 2 drawing 1 and losing just the one game. This already has been a good learning curve for our young footballers as they’ve experienced firsthand the standard of football across the way. Now that we’ll begin our season the team with follow a strict football curriculum which will cover all areas of the game. The programme has been put together by both of us and we look forward to evaluating ourselves and the players.


Lads, what are you hoping to achieve this season?

LF & JF: Our goals for the season are to see our players grow and develop. First and foremost it will be a job well done if our players improve into good individual footballers whilst performing and understanding their responsibilities as a team.