Premier League Review: Round 3


The top four sides all won their games with St Joseph’s and Gibraltar United scraping through their games against Lynx and Boca respectively. Lincoln left it late but secured a 3-0 win over Lions. Europa were able te beat Gibraltar Phoenix in the Saturday afternoon heat while Glacis United saw off heavily fancied Mons Calpe 1-0 in the last tie of the round.

Football now takes a back seat until the second week of October as Internationals of the UEFA Nations League and the music concer take over the Stadium, the last event before it becomes the National Stadium. Upon its return the league will see United face Lynx F.C. and Lions take on Europa. Phoenix and Mons is already starting to look like a 6 pointer between them while Glacis will seek to continue their streak against Boca. The tie of the round however will be the 1st versus 2nd matchup between St Joseph’s and Lincoln.


Round Three Results

Gibraltar United (Castillea, Cortes Narvaez)     2   1 F.C. Boca Juniors (Valdivia)
Lynx F.C. (Clinton, Bessa)     2   3 St Joseph’s F.C. (Boro, OG, OG)
Lincoln Red Imps F.C. (J,Chipolina 3)     3   0 Lions Gibraltar F.C.
Europa F.C. (Walker, Yome)     2   0 Gibraltar Phoenix F.C.
Mons Calpe S.C.     0   1 Glacis United F.C (Serra)

Round Four Fixtures

St Joseph’s F.C.     Vs Lincoln Red Imps F.C.
F.C. Boca Juniors     Vs Glacis United F.C.
Gibraltar Phoenix F.C.     Vs Mons Calpe S.C.
Gibraltar United     Vs Lynx F.C.
Lions Gibraltar F.C.     Vs Europa F.C.

League table as of 26-8-1017


Premier League Review: Round 2


Gibraltar United and St Joseph’s served up a football treat on Friday evening. A 2-2 draw that had two men sent off, both teams hitting the woodwork and end to end entertainment. Lincoln capitalised on the dropped points by going 2 points clear after defeating Phoenix 2-0 though they had to sweat for their result. Boca were unlucky to lose 3-0 to Mons Calpe, the last two Calpean goals came late on as Boca energy levels dropped. Lynx put three past Lions while Europa and Glacis closed round 2 with a 0-0 draw that saw Glacis hit the crossbar very late on.

Round 3 kicks off on Wednesday evening with Gibraltar United seeking to go back to winning ways against a dogged Boca Juniors. Lions have a third stern test in the guise of Lincoln while Lynx will test their new side against St Joseph’s. Mons meet Glacis while Europa versus Phoenix will see the last Premier Division action for a while as they will now come an International break followed by an enforced hiatus due to the music concert.


Round Two Results

St Joseph’s F.C. (Delgado, Peña)     2   2 Gibraltar United (Ponce de Leon, Cortes Narvaez)
Lions Gibraltar F.C.     0   3 Lynx F.C. (Seatory, OG, Januszkiewicz)
F.C. Boca Juniors     0   3 Mons Calpe S.C. (OG, Pibe, Kesinovic)
Gibraltar Phoenix F.C.     0   2 Lincoln Red Imps F.C. (J.Chipolina, Cabrera)
Europa F.C.     0   0 Glacis United F.C

Round Three Fixtures

Gibraltar United     Vs F.C. Boca Juniors
Lynx F.C.     Vs St Joseph’s F.C.
Lincoln Red Imps F.C.     Vs Lions F.C.
Europa F.C.     Vs Gibraltar Phoenix F.C.
Mons Calpe S.C.     Vs Glacis United F.C.

League table as of 21-8-1017


Premier League Review: Round 20


A very interesting round for United as they see both St Joseph’s and Mons Calpe drop points and sees the club two points clear in third, albeit St Joseph’s have a game in hand. Lincoln saw Phoenix off 2-0 while Lions got the better of Lynx by a solitary goal stopping a torrid run of form. Glacis also gained a valuable point to claw a bit further away from the danger zone.

Round 21 is a bumper round. Lincoln and Europa face each other as well as Gibraltar United facing St Joseph’s. It can prove to be a pivotal round at the top of the table in the week where the Rock Cup semi-finals are to be played. There are all sorts of permutations and players and teams will need to be focussed and concentrated on the job in hand. Lions vs Manchester 62, Glacis vs Phoenix and Mons Calpe vs Lynx close the round.

Round Twenty Results

St Joseph’s F.C. (Galvin)     1   1 Glacis United F.C. (Hoyos)
Europa F.C. (Kike)     1   0 Mons Calpe S.C.
Lynx F.C.     0   1 Lions F.C. (Caravaca)
Gibraltar Phoenix F.C.     0   2 Lincoln Red Imps F.C. (Falu, Casciaro)
Manchester 62 F.C.     0   4 Gibraltar United (Meireles 2, Aguiar, Ponce de Leon)

Round Twenty One Fixtures

Mons Calpe S.C.     Vs Lynx F.C.
Lincoln Red Imps F.C.     Vs Europa F.C.
Lions F.C.     Vs Manchester 62 F.C.
Glacis United F.C.     Vs Gibraltar Phoenix F.C.
Gibraltar United     Vs St Joseph’s F.C.

League Table as of 21-04-2018


Premier Division Review: Round 18


Two upsets in Round 18. First it was United that beat Europa 2-0 but that result was trumped by St Joseph’s that did what they had to do and handed Lincoln their second consecutive defeat in the league by seeing them off 4-2 on Saturday evening. Lions were at the wrong end of a 6 goal drubbing for the second time in a week after a resurgent Phoenix put them to the sword. Lynx were also able to see off 9 man Man 62 in the basement battle that sees the Red Devils gradually drift further away from the rest of the pack.

Round 19 sees the start of the last Round of Premier fixtures for the season. United face Lynx on Saturday evening while Lincoln will seek to recover some form against Glacis United. St Joseph’s meet bottom of the pile Man 62 while Mons vs Phoenix and Europa vs Lions close the Round as we move on helter skelter into the business end of the season.

Round Eighteen Results

Mons Calpe S.C. (Blanco, Bernardes)     2   1 Glacis United F.C. (Rios)
Lions F.C. (Nieto)     1   6 Gibraltar Phoenix F.C. (Ramos, Pusey, Narvaez 3, Lopez)
Gibraltar United (Negrette, Bosio)     2   0 Europa F.C.
Manchester 62 F.C. (Maza)     1   2 Lynx F.C. (Segura, Badr)
St Joseph’s F.C. (Ferrer, Cornejo, Molina, Verdejo)     4   2 Lincoln Red Imps F.C. (Falu, Monterde)

Round Nineteen Fixtures

Lincoln Red Imps F.C.     Vs Glacis United F.C.
Manchester 62 F.C.     Vs St Jospeh’s F.C.
Mons Calpe S.C.     Vs Gibraltar Phoenix S.C.
Gibraltar United F.C.     Vs Lynx F.C.
Europa F.C.     Vs Lions F.C.

League Table as of 8-4-2018


Premier Division Review: Round 17


There is no doubt that Mons Calpe got the result of the Round on Sunday evening after they ended Lincoln’s unbeaten run with an emphatic 3-1 vicotry over the Imps. Europa had earlier seen Man 62 off to leave the Green and Blacks 8 points behind the leaders. United and St Joseph’s continued their personal tussle for third place as both teams scored wins. Meanwhile Glacis United were once again involved in a scoreline with 6 as they put Lions to the sword 6-2.

Round 18 sees 1st vs 3rd and 2nd vs 4th as Lincoln, St Joseph’s, Europa and United play each other in a titanic weekend of football where all four teams are desperate for the points in play. A titanic clash as well at the foot of the table when Man 62 and Lynx face each other. The former know wins are vital as games are running out while the latter will seek to put more distance between them and the bottom two. Phoenix and Lions and Mons versus Glacis close Round 18; the last of the second round.

Round Seventeen Results

Lynx F.C. (Badr)     1   3 St Joseph’s F.C. (Lopez, Verdejo, Cornejo)
Glacis United F.C. (Cerezo 3, Perez, Thomas, Hoyos)     6   2 Lions F.C. (Gomez, Caravaca)
Europa F.C. (Gonzalez, Kike 2, Carreno)     4   1 Manchester 62 F.C. (Diaz)
Lincoln Red Imps F.C. (Falu)     1   3 Mons Calpe S.C. (Blanco, Cascio, Onega)
Gibraltar Phoenix F.C.     0   1 Gibraltar United (Elghobashy)

Round Eighteen Fixtures

Mons Calpe S.C.     Vs Glacis United F.C.
Lions F.C.     Vs Gibraltar Phoenix F.C.
Gibraltar United     Vs Europa F.C.
Manchester 62 F.C.     Vs Lynx F.C.
St Joseph’s F.C.     Vs Lincoln Red Imps F.C.

League Table as of 1-4-2018


Premier Division Review: Round 15


The game of the round was no doubt played on Saturday evening when Glacis and Man 62 treated everyone to the most crazy of spectacles. Glacis were 3 – 0 in the first 20 minutes only to be pegged back to 3 – 3. The Clarets and Blues eventually run out 6 – 4 winners. Lolo Soler produced a man of the match disply to keep his team top of the league with a 4 – 0 win over United. Europa remain second at the expense of St Joseph’s. Lynx F.C. continued their revival by beating Phoenix as the latter are gradually being dragged to the bottom echelons of the league. Mons Calpe came back from last week’s defeat by beating Lions F.C. quite comfortably.

Gibraltar United will hope to bounce back against Glacis United on Thursday evening while United’s closest rivals have a tough ask against Mons Calpe. Europa and Lynx face each other on Saturday evening while Man 62 will seek to profit from a faltering Phoenix side. Lincoln and Lions close Round 15. Incidentally Europa and Lions play on Tuesday evening, a rearranged Round 11 fixture that was orginally cancelled due to the dealys during the pitch resurfacing due to the inclement weather at the end of January.


Round Fifteen Results

Lincoln Red Imps F.C (Paris, Megias, Lopes, Casciaro)     4   0 Gibraltar United
Mons Calpe S.C. (Pibe 2, Blanco)     3   1 Lions F.C. (Llaves)
Europa F.C. (Belfortti, Yahaya)     2   0 St Joseph’s F.C.
Lynx F.C. (Robba)     1   0 Gibraltar Phoenix F.C.
Glacis United F.C. (Ramos, Villalta, Pecion, Amado 2, Sidi)     6   4 Manchester 62 F.C. (Morgan, De Los Santos, Diaz, Navarro)

Round Sixteen Fixtures

St Joseph’s F.C.     Vs Mons Calpe S.C.
Gibraltar United     Vs Glacis F.C.
Manchester 62 F.C.     Vs Gibraltar Phoenix F.C.
Lions F.C.     Vs Lincoln Red Imps F.C.
Lynx F.C.     Vs Europa F.C.

League Table as of 11-03-2018

11-03-2018 17-40-02

Premier Division Review: Round 14


Gibraltar United made it a second half comeback to see off Mons Calpe 3-1 while Lynx F.C. got their first points in 6 games against Glacis United seeing them off with a similar scoreline. Lincoln suffered a scare going 1-0 down to Manchester 62 but evenutally run out 3-1 winners in a game that the Red Devils fought hard and well. St Jospeh’s once again crept into second beating Lions 4-2 in a match that was close until the dying moments. Worryingly, a few weeks before International football returns to the Victoria Stadium, Europa vs Phoenix had to be called off due to a power outage with Europa 1-0. All in all a very wet Round 14.

Round 15 once again sees the top four sqauring off against each other as leaders Lincoln meet Gibraltar United and champions Europa meet St Joseph’s in the Friday night kick off. Manchester 62 versus Glacis United and Phoenix versus Lynx will all have an effect at the bottom end of the table while Mons and Lions will meet in a mid-table clash on Thursday evening.


Round Fourteen Results

Gibraltar United (Negrette, Farinha, Meireles)     3   1 Mons Calpe S.C. (Pibe)
Lynx F.C. (Camara, Badr 2)     3   1 Glacis United F.C. (Ruiz)
Manchester 62 F.C. (Navarro)     1   3 Lincoln Red Imps F.C. (Paris, Lopes, Cabrera)
St Joseph’s F.C. (Ortega 2, Duarte,     4   2 Lions F.C. (Breakspear, Nieto)
Europa F.C. (Kike)     1   0 Gibraltar Phoenix F.C.

Round Fifteen Fixtures

Lincoln Red Imps F.C.     Vs Gibraltar United
Mons Calpe S.C.     Vs Lions F.C.
Europa F.C.     Vs St Joseph’s F.C.
Gibraltar Phoenix F.C.     Vs Lynx F.C.
Glacis United F.C.     Vs Manchester 62 F.C.

League Table as of 3-3-18

03-03-2018 22-40-06

Premier Division Review: Round 9


The final Round before the extended winter break has confirmed Gibrlatar United’s dip in form and Europa’s recovery as they saw off United 4-0 to charge into second place. Lincoln made it 9 out of 9 with Anthony Hernandez getting two in their victory over St Jospeh’s. The basement battle bewteen Lynx and Man 62 saw points shared in no goals scored to keep the Yellow and Blacks propping up the table.

A challenging time for all clubs as what we essentially have is a second pre-season within a season as the Stadium turns of its lights for the relaying of the pitch and infrastructure works. A short term loss for a long term gain that will hopefully herald the arrival of a new age in local football.


Round Nine Fixtures

Glacis United FC (Mena)     1   0 Mons Calpe SC
Gibraltar Phoenix FC (Carrasco)     1   0 Lions FC
Lynx FC     0   0 Manchester 62 FC
Lincoln Red Imps FC (Hernandez 2)     2   0 St Jospeh’s FC
Europa FC (Kike, OG, Carreño, Rivas)     4   0 Gibraltar United

League Table at the end of Round 1

09-12-2017 12-30-10.jpg

Premier Division Review: Round 8



An interesting round of matches that has made the league tighter than it was last week. St Jospeh’s leapfrogged United into 2nd courtesy of their 2-1 win over Lynx. It turned out to be an entertaining match and testament to the improvement the Yellow and Blacks have made off late. Lincoln saw off Mons Calpe via a solitary goal to sail away over the horizon while Europa FC confirmed their recovery by climbing into 4th place by beating Man 62 2-0. Gibraltar United dropped two points against Gibraltar Phoenix and Glacis United chalked a third successive win at the expense of Lions FC.

Due to the forthcoming works at the Victoria Stadium Round 9 has been spread over a few weeks and this weekend sees the playing of the remaining fixtures. The outstanding fixture sees 3rd vs 4th place when Gibraltar United square off against Europa FC on Sunday evening. Lynx and Man 62 play a basement battle of a fixture with the winner guaranteed a 3 point gap from the foot of the table. The last game pits 1st versus 2nd as rampant Lincoln take on St Jospeh’s in what is an early Christmas cracker of a weekend of football.

Round Eight Results

Manchester 62 FC     0   2 Europa FC (Garcia Montero, Carreno)
St Jospeh’s FC (Lopez, Delgado)     2   1 Lynx FC (Gargiulo)
Mons Calpe SC     0   1 Lincoln Red Imps FC (R.Chipolina)
Lions FC     0   1 Glacis United FC (Thomas)
Gibraltar United (Ramalho 2)     2   2 Gibraltar Phoenix FC (Narvaez, Lopez)

Round Nine Fixtures

Glacis United FC (Mena)     1   0 Mons Calpe SC
Gibraltar Phoenix FC (Carrasco)     1   0 Lions FC
Lynx FC     Vs Manchester 62 FC
Lincoln Red Imps FC     Vs St Jospeh’s FC
Europa FC     Vs Gibraltar United

League Table as of 27-11-17

27-11-2017 16-39-45.jpg

Premier Division Review: Round 7



Lincoln continued with their 100% start to the season by seeing Lions off comfortably 3-1 in the opening game of the round. Europa saw off Lynx 2 -0, while Mons defeated St Jospeh’s . This result allows United to remain 2nd after the debacle against Glacis that saw us finish with 9 on the field of play. Lynx once again dropped to the bottom of the table as both Phoenix and Man 62 shared a point in each in their 1 all draw in the Thursday evening kick off.

Round 8 has some very interesting ties considering that 2nd to 7th place are only separated by 4 points. Man 62 face a resurgent Europa on Wednesday with the Green and Blacks seeking a thrid win on the spin. Lynx have a tough match against St Jospeh’s while Mons Calpe are the next side to test Lincoln’s mettle. Glacis vs Lions is another interesting match up with the Clarets and Blues looking for the ninth point in three games after an indifferent start to the season. United and Phoenix close Round 8 on Saturday evening with Gib Utd seeking to get back to winning ways.

Round SevenResults

Lincoln Red Imps (Cabrera, R.Chipolina, Lopes)     3   1 Lions FC (Llaves)
Gibraltar Phoenix FC (Cortes)     1   1 Manchester 62 FC (Diaz)
Europa FC (Kike, Carreno)     2   0 Lynx FC
Mons Clapes SC (Benet 2, Onega)     3   1 St Jospeh’s FC (Mejias)
Glacis United FC (Gonzalez, Mahamud)     2   0 Gibraltar United

Round Eight Fixtures

Manchester 62 FC     Vs Europa FC
St Jospeh’s FC     Vs Lynx FC
Mons Calpes SC     Vs Lincoln Red Imps FC
Lions FC     Vs Glacis United FC
Gibraltar United     Vs Gibraltar Phoenix FC

League Table as of 20-11-17

20-11-2017 19-55-50.jpg