Month: September 2018

Presidential Change

The Club has today received that sad news that President Paul Collado has had to temporarily step down due to commitments in his business life that mean he cannot continue to give his 100% dedication to the running of the Club. Adrian Ballestero will immediately take up the helm and become Presidet of the Club.

Paul was a founder member of the revamped and relaunched Club and it was largely to his efforts that the project got off the ground. Passionate, dedicated and chief herald of the cause, Paul has been at the fulcrum of everything at Gibraltar United since 2014.

Gibraltar United vs FC Olympique Gibraltar 13 2 June 15-238

He doubled his duties as President by also coaching one of our original Youth sides and indeed Paul has been passionate about our Youth Divison since the outset. He was always keen to stress that the young players were the future of the Club and this has not changed despite the change of ownership in 2016.

Paul has always been the Club’s most vocal supporter on and off the stands supporting the team come rain or shine or representing the Club at an official level with the GFA. He has always worn his heart on his sleeve and this has permeated to the other staff members in the club, both past and present, as he has been a constant source of inspiration.

He has always supported the players at Gibraltar United to the hilt both in the good times and the bad and has certainly earned their respect and their regards. I am sure that many of them will recall his motivational speeches in the dressing room and training pitch.


Paul also played a crucial role in the take over of the Club by the Heritage Group and they were quick to realise the importance of his role and persona in the organisation and were keen to stress that he was to remain as President once the take over was complete.

Under Paul’s Presidency, though he was ably assisted by those around him, the Club has grown exponentially both off and on the pitch. We have over 120 young players registered as club players and a wide variety of coaches managing, leading and developing these young footballers. The Club missed on European football by a single point last season after only 4 years back on the pitch. A very different panorama to June 2014 when the Club was simply an ideal.

We hope to see Paul back in his seat soon and we wish him all the best in his endeavour that we know is taking a lot of his time. For the time being football will take a back seat for Paul Collado but I am sure we will hear his cheers of support for the team ringing out across the Victoria and I am also sure that when time allows he will be back at the wheel of the ship.