Premier Division Review: Round 24


Key fixtures were played over the last few days that may yet determine who finishes in what position. Europa beat St Joseph’s 4-1 while United responded to the Saint’s defeat by defeating Lincoln 3-1. Mons Calpe continued their excellent run of form by defeating Lions 2-0, though the goals came late on in the game. Phoenix saw off Lynx to earn some breathing space but in the other match Glacis United relegated Manchester 62 by thumping them 6-0 and sending the Red Devils to the Second Division.

Next week sees United facing Glacis United and a win is imperative to make our win this week valid. St Jospeh’s on the other hand meet Mons Calpe with the Calpeans with aspirations on third place of their own; incidentally the Saints play their game in hand on Monday. Lincoln will seek three points that takes them closer to the title against Lions while Europa face off against Lynx. Relegated Man 62 and Phoenix close the round.

Round Twenty Four Results

Lions F.C.     0   3 Mons Calpe S.C. (Blanco 2)
St Joseph’s F.C. (Delgado)     1   4 Europa F.C. (Belfortti, Kike 2, Roldan)
Lynx F.C.     0   2 Gibraltar Phoenix F.C. (Narvaez, Feria)
Manchester 62 F.C.     0   6 Glacis United F.C. (Cerezo 4, Rios, Serra)
Gibraltar United (Ponce de Leon, Elghobashy, Aguiar)     3   1 Lincoln Red Imps F.C. (Merino)

Round Twenty Five Fixtures

Gibraltar Phoenix F.C.     Vs Manchester 62 F.C.
Europa F.C.     Vs Lynx F.C.
Glacis United F.C.     Vs Gibraltar United
Mons Calpe S.C.     Vs St Joseph’s F.C.
Lincoln Red Imps F.C.     Vs Lions F.C.

League Table as of 13-05-2018


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