Gibraltar United Reserves vs Manchester 62 F.C. Reserves

Match corresponding to the 7th Round of the Gibraltarian Reserves Division and played on Tuesday 17th April 2018 at 18:15

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Gibraltar United Reserves 7 – 0 Manchester 62 F.C. Reserves

Cantelmi (2)
De Torres (3)
El Ouahabi

Gibraltar United Reserves

13 Alvaro Perez Pichardo
38 Ahmed El Hana
15 Aymen Mouelhi
33 Steffan Cardona (C)
2   Alberto Del Rio Fernandez
18 Max Cottrell
21 Pedro Hidalgo Calvente
7   Cecil Prescott
27 Tito De Toress
11 Yassine Idouaziz
14 Javier Cantelmi


Ilyias El Ouahabi on for Aymen Mouelhi
Daniel Ponce de Leon on for Cecil Prescott


Back Row (l to r): Sanchez Alfaro (Coach), Perez Pichardo, Cantelmi, Cardona (C), Hidalgo Calvente, Alberto, Mouelhi. Front Row (l to r): El Hana, Cottrell, Prescott, De Torres, Minni

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