Premier Division Review: Round 13


Lions and Gibraltar United fought out a dour 0 – 0 draw that was marred by 16 bookings across both teams. Lincoln and Europa returned to winning ways as they saw off Lynx and Glacis respectively, the latter proved a hard nut to crack for the Black and Greens. Man 62 lost again and are starting. St Joseph’s also bounced back from their 1 – 0 loss to United by beating Phoenix

Round 14 seems some interesting match ups. In form Mons Calpe meet Gibraltar United while the league leaders match off against basement club Man 62 while fellow strugglers Lynx F.C. face Glacis United in a match in which both teams would seek to take points. Phoenix vs Europa closes off the Round.

Round Thirteen Results

Gibraltar Phoenix F.C.     0   1 St Jospeh’s F.C. (Fernandez)
Mons Calpe S.C. (Blanco 2, Onega, Cascio)     4   2 Manchester 62 F.C. (Galvez, Morgan)
Lions F.C.     0   0 Gibraltar United
Glacis United F.C. (Rios)     1   2 Europa F.C. (Belfortti, Roldan)
Lincoln Red Imps F.C. (Casciaro, Cabrera)     2   0 Lynx F.C.

Round Fourteen Fixtures

Mons Calpe S.C.     Vs Gibraltar United
Lynx F.C.     Vs Glacis United F.C.
Manchester 62 F.C.     Vs Lincoln Red Imps F.C.
St Joseph’s F.C.     Vs Lions F.C.
Europa F.C.     Vs Gibraltar Phoenix F.C.

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