FC Brunos Magpies Reserves vs Gibraltar United Reserves

Match corresponding to the 1st Round of the Gibraltarian Reserves Division and played at the Victoria Stadium on Sunday 1st October 2017 at 20:30

Turicum Logo 2016, white on blue background, two lines - 2 June 2016.jpg

Gibraltar United Reserves 4 – 0 FC Bruno’s Magpies Reserves

Elghobashy (2)
Roman (2/1p)

Gibraltar United Reserves

13  Alvaro Perez Pichardo
12  Mohamed Ashraf Ramadan
15  Aymen Mouelhi (C)
34  Alberton Fortune Macomba
22  Jamie Pratts
14  Javier Cantelmi
26  Liam Franco
35  Igor Djoman
21  Pedro Hidalgo Calvente
19  Habbib Dannoun
9    Ayman Elghobashy


Manuel Roman Salado on for Liam Franco
Filipe Aguiar on for Habbib Dannoun
Tarik El Hlou on for Javier Cantelmi


Back Row (l to r): Macomba, Elghobashy, Dannoun, Cantelmi, Hidalgo, Perez Pichardo, Mouelhi (C). Front ROw (l to r): Djoman, Franco, Ramadan, Pratts

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