Gibraltar United Football Club vs St Joseph’s Football Club

Match corresponding to the 22nd Round of the Gibraltarian Premier Division and played on Sunday 9th April 2017 at 16:30. Match report brought to you courtesy of:

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Gibraltar United Football Club 0 – 0 St Joseph’s Football Club

Gibraltar United Football Club

1  Kyle ‘Chino’ Goldwin
3  Ashley Perez
19 Brad Power
5  Jason Pusey
6  Dexter Panzavechia
11 Paul Grech
24 Jamie Bosio
23 Jesse Victory
9  Evan Green
8  Anthony Hernandez


Erin Barnett on for Paul Grech
Kaylan Rumbo on for Jason Pusey
Max Bothen on for Dexter Panzavechia

Tough game where 3rd faced off against 7th. St Joseph’s are carrying out a very good season and are on the brink of qualifying for European football. United come into the game after the sour tasting defeat to Mons Calpe last time out. Manolo hs reshuffled his pack once again with Victory and Grech coming into the starting XI, the latter making his first start for the club. Jason returns after serving a one match ban. Robert and Max Bothen both make the bench after suspension and injury respectively. Pishu was missing after reaching 5 yellows for the season last time out.

09-04-2017 19-31-38.jpg

It has been an energising week for all involved with the club after the momentous news on Monday that the club had new owners. The technical staff was hoping that the buzz created mid week would rub off the players in this most hard of matches. The new owner sent a prematch message of encouragement to the staff.

St Joseph’s proved from the off why they sit 3rd in the table. A powerful midfield was eager to press our players and made sure our play makers had little time on the ball. Likewise Anthony was very closely watched by two Blue and White defenders at all times with often a third one assisting to close down spaces into which he could charge into.

Yet for all their possession around our box The Saints were not creating any real chances or causing Chino any undue headaches. United’s defensive ranks were holding firm and indeed always looking dangerous on the counter. Indeed the first meaningful ball into the box was delivered by Evan Green from the corner but Caballero was quick to head the ball away into touch. As the first half progressed Saints got more and more comfortable on the ball as United weathered the storm. Bosio, Victory and Aymen were immense in shielding the defence and even when they did get through Power and Pusey were equal to anything thrown at them. With Mr Warwick bringing proceedings to a close after the single minute of added on time United could be happy that Chino had not really been tested.


The ref brings the First Half to an end.

The second half was to have another tale as St Joseph’s really piled on the pressure against Chino’s goal. Though guilty of profligacy on three very clear occasions when shots were blasted over the bar, two clear opportunities stick in the mind. First it was Kaylan Rumbo who heroically cleared a ball off the line from a well taken free kick; hearts in mouths moment as Saints were seemingly taking the lead. Then it was Chino’s turn to earn the plaudits as he used all his feline ability to pounce on a ball that he crept behind him and seemed destined to hit the back of the net. Nerves were frayed to breaking point as the clock seemed to tick ever slower.


Enter a caption

Saints’ players were beginning to feel the frustration of so much possession but little to show for it. The began to accumulate bookings for diving and the play began to get somewhat aggressive with elbows and tackles flying in. In a rare foray forward man of the match (as voted by the supporters) Aymen Mouelhi was fed a ball by Anthony but a wild shot flew harmlessly past Robba’s goal. Aymen was to be in the wars again before the final whistle. With time up he was hounded by three Saints’ players and shoved off the ball. Something must have been said as the normally placid Tunisian moved towards the Saints player Enrique. The latter was eventually shown a yellow rapidly followed by another one as he protested right in Mr Warwick’s face. With time ebbing away United doggedly hung on for a most valuable point, and perhaps a turning of the a corner with Lady Luck who fickle nature had seemed to desert us in our last two games.

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