Judgement Day

With Europa Point winning their last game today verses FC Cannons United know that a victory against Olympique 13 tomorrow will be enough to secure a Promotion place as Champions of this most fought Second Division. A point should be enough for Promotion, though nothing is confirmed everyone takes for granted two teams will be automatically promoted, United’s players have done more than enough through the season to merit the title as well as Promotion.

The squad knows it will not be a walkover and that this last hurdle can be the hardest to vault. But with your support from the stands, by roaring them across the finish line the job started in late August can be finished tomorrow evening. As such we call on all our supporters, their friends and families to be at the Stadium to support this team, YOUR team in red and white. All local lads who have subscribed to the philosophy we have tried hard to create. They need your support tomorrow evening.

In the words of Churchill; ‘Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.’ Through success and failure this season these lads have had the courage to continue and face all adversity and hardship to be where they are. Come on the Red and White.

Vi Et Animo, Ad Victoriam

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