The Run In

Crunch time in the Second Division this week as perhaps the biggest game of the season is being played on Thursday evening. Though United play on Thursday at 18:15 versus Hound Dogs F.C, it is the following 20:00 kick off that will surely take most of the attention when leaders Angels F.C. face off against Europa Point F.C. The game in itself is already a big one but after the events of last week its magnitude has increased tenfold.

Angels hold a two point lead over Gibraltar United after their match versus Scorpions was forfeited in controversial circumstances. Social Media had somewhat of a meltdown when local sports media began to report that Scorpions F.C. had forfeited their match against Angels F.C. and were not going to subsequently be able to fulfil the rest of their Division 2 fixtures. Speculation abounded for 24 hours or so until the powers that be at Scorpions F.C. clarified the situation and assured that they would be fulfilling their final three fixtures under new management. How convenient that Angels F.C. had a forfeit against one of the toughest teams in the Division but even more convenient was the fact the 24 hours later there comes a cast iron assurance of fixtures being fulfilled. Credibilities at stake?!?!?!?!

Anyhow, those teams still in the fight for Promotion go into this most important of weeks knowing what has to be achieved. All three know that a win will put them one step and three points closer towards that goal. United know that the profligacy shown against the Red Imps cannot happen again if the hard work shown during the season is to have its just rewards. Angels know Europa Point’s only hope is to defeat them, a defeat that would leave United top in the eventuality of a Gib Utd win over the Hound Dogs, by no means a certainty after a narrow 1-0 victory last time out.

We urge our supporters to come out to the stadium on Thursday for both matches in what promises to be a Terrific Thursday of Second Division Football. Come support your team and help them with that last push over the finishing line.

Vi Et Animo, Ad Victoriam

The Race for Promotion

The Race for Promotion

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