5 Finals to Go!

As it stands.

As it stands.


Division 2 is as tight as it has been all season long. As we approach the final hurdle the team’s focus and concentration has to be at its highest as Angels FC, having won their game in hand, stand alongside United at the top of the table on 53 points. Though we have a superior goal difference (for the moment) and the head to head having beaten them twice in the league, we cannot allow complacency to set in. Manager, Ian Mañasco has been training and drilling the squad hard with one goal, the league title and promotion! He knows that Angels FC will not give up the fight as they have fought and clawed their way into contention. One cannot discount Europa Point either. Though they stand 5 points behind they still have Angels FC to play and can still have a role as ‘Kingmaker’. Scorpions lie a point further behind but after an ill disciplined and disastrous result against Europa Point last Thursday they may be the classed as outsiders for Promotion.

The lads, all local and developed here in Gibraltar, need as much of your support as possible. The only local squad with a sniff of Promotion to the Premier League and the only team with a committed philosophy to develop and nurture local talent. We proudly carry our nation’s name on our crest and are well aware of the legacy this club has in the local scene. As such it needs your support for the last push. Having fought so hard since last August we are almost there but this last step is the hardest to take. We urge our supporters and fans to come to the Stadium to support your local lads as they try to win this final 5 games and achieve our goal of promotion. It’s red hot and it promises to be a very entertaining month! As always we will keep you in the know through all our social media outlets! Come on the Red and White! Starting this Wednesday against Mons Calpe SC at 18:15!

Vi et Aniamo, Ad Victoriam

Remaining Matches

Gibraltar United FC Angels FC Europa Point FC
Mons Calpe Gibraltar Phoenix College Pegasus FC
Red Imps Gibraltar Scorpions Mons Calpe
Hound Dogs FC Europa Point FC Angels FC
College Pegasus Mons Calpe Leo FC
Olympique 13 FC Leo FC Cannons FC


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