Focus on the Reserves!

Our squad of 35 players is also competing in a tough Reserves League and will soon also compete in the Reserves Cup. Joe Falero assisted by Karl Barbara, Stephan Langtry and Ian Mañasco lead the team into battle. All of the squad has at one point played for the Reserves as they come back from injury or need minutes on the field. It is a tough job though as all the Premier League sides have a Reserve team that are often filled with First Team players. Yet this is a vital cog in the Gibraltar United machine and whatever team is fielded or whoever is playing team mates, officials and staff are in the stands supporting those on the pitch!


Reserves Results (Up to 25th November 2014)

Lincoln FC Reserves 4 – 1 Gibraltar United FC Reserves (Victor)
Glacis United FC Reserves 1 – 0 Gibraltar United FC Reserves
College Europa FC Reserves 2 – 0 Gibraltar United FC Reserves
Manchester 62 FC Reserves 3 – 0 Gibraltar United FC Reserves
Lions FC Reserves 4 – 1 Gibraltar United FC Reserves (A.Collado)
Mons Calpe FC Reserves 0 – 2 Gibraltar United FC Reserves (Rocca, Gallardo)

Appearances (Brackets denotes Sub Appearances)

Kyle ‘Chino’ Goldwin                   1
Joe Borge                                       5
Aaron Collado                               1 (1)
Shane Crisp                                   2
Colin Dyer                                     1 (1)
Carl Thomas                                 1
Kenneth Chipolina                       3
Matthew Massetti                         5
Jamie Pratts                                   2 (1)
Micheal Macias                             3
Daniel ‘Figo’ Wahnon                 5
Lee Ramagge                                 4 (1)
Dylan Mañasco                            1
Jared Buhagiar                             1
Dean Debono                               3 (1)           (No longer with Club)
Aden Victor                                   1                1 Goal
Sean Gilbert                                 1
Carl Ramagge                               2               (No longer with Club)
Aidan Casey                                 4
Carl Moreno                                 3
Max Pizarro                                 1
Evan Sayers                                 1 (3)
Karl Eagle                                     0 (2)
Stefan Cumbo                             2
Steven Gilbert                             1 (1)
Adrian Lopez                               1
Kaylan Rumbo                           1 (1)
William Gracia                           1
David Gallardo                           1                1 Goal
Philip Villalta                             2
Damian Rocca                           3 (1)            1 Goal
Andrew Lopez                           1
Lee Muscat                                 1
Shane Howe                               1

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