Gibraltar United Football Club vs Europa Point FC

Match corresponding to Round 3 of the Gibraltarian Second Division. Played on Thursday 9th October 2014 at the Victoria Stadium.

Gibraltar United Football Club 1 – 1 Europa Point FC


Gibraltar United Football Club

1  Kyle ‘Chino’ Goldwin
3  Kenneth Chipolina
5  Aaron Collado
4  Jared Buhagiar
2  Adrian Lopez
6 William Gracia
8  Dylan Mañasco
7  Justin Collado
19 Aiden Victor
10 Andrew Lopez (C)
9   Lee Muscat


Joe Borg on for Kyle ‘Chino’ Goldwin
Carl Thomas on for Aiden Victor
Stefan Cumbo on for Jared Buhagiar

An intense match played under the floodlights on a warm October evening. Randal Aldorino repeated an almost identical eleven to the team that played against the Scorpions with Cumbo dropping to the bench and Lee Muscat taking his place up front. The game kicked off slowly with both teams wary of each other’s records. Both top of the table, both unbeaten. Like two heavyweights they eyed each other across the pitch with little initial goal mouth action. Unlike the game against the Scorpions, this match was a fair fight with both teams going in for the tackle hard and fair. Aiden Victor showed flashes early on of trying to cut in from the wing, the Europa Point full back sometimes looked quite lost at sea at times. Yet United lacked the killer ball into Muscat. The Europa Point keeper should have seen a red card when he tackled Lee Muscat outside the area and thereby denying a clear goal scoring opportunity. The referee seemed to lack the necessary fortitude to show him red and opted for the easy yellow instead. Aiden Victor also had a goal justly disallowed for offside after a free kick into the box saw the ball headed in his direction. The linesman correct in his assessment of the play.

Packed midfield, a feature of the match in its early stages.

Packed midfield, a feature of the match in its early stages.

United shaded the first half and though created little, their opponents created less concentrating on frustrating our wingers and packing their midfield to staunch our creative players. The score at 0-0 at halftime and the tension from the pitch was felt on the stands as well as a decent sized crowd was very vocal in support of Gibraltar United. The second half kicked off at a brisker pace with Lee Muscat working his magic. He dribbled his way past the Europa Point fullback and cut inside from the right hand side. Leaving the centre half in his wake, he made the inch of space he needed. With the crowd calling the goal, Lee sliced his shot far to the left of the Europa Point goal. 10 minutes into the half, Chino Goldwin and Europa’s number 9 went into a tackle. a clear 50/50 ball in which our keeper came off the worst. He immediately called for assistance and though he hobbled on for another couple of minutes he was forced to call for the sub. Joe Borg replaced him. Indeed, Chino was carried off the pitch by his assailant who responded very well to the well intended cries of ‘camilla’ (strecher) from the stands. We wish Chino a speedy recovery. Incidentally the Europa Number 9 was quick to apologise to Chino, a great example of fair play. Incidentally also had to carry off one of his own players later in the half”

Chino is carried off the pitch

Chino is carried off the pitch.

Muscat made another chance for himself that was blocked last minute by an onrushing defender. Justin Collado also hit the side netting after a trademark run and dribble. With players tiring Randal Aldorino sent in Carl Thomas, available after serving a one match ban, on for Victor but calamity struck soon after. Europa Point midfielder Jose Carlos put in a devilish through ball that unhinged our defenders. Captain Andrew Lopez busted his gut tracking back but was unfortunate enough to catch a ricochet ball and bundle it into his own net. In essence Europa Point’s first attempt on goal.

United heads, however did not drop and we surged forward looking for the equaliser. Aldorino threw on Stefan Cumbo for Buhagiar, sacrificing a defender for more flair in the attacking areas and his class soon showed as United started to get got possession in and around the opposition box. Our spirit never bowed and by sheer force of will the crowd were urging the team forward. A couple of quick passes saw full back Kenneth Chipolina, who had another outstanding game, thunder a trademark shot straight through a crowded box. The Europa keeper palmed the ball weakly from the goal. Stefan Cumbo literally found himself with a tap in a yard from the goal line. The crowd went wild as Stefan celebrated his second goal of the season coming off the bench! Time was against United and the ref soon blew his whistle, though claims are the clock was running onto the 44th minute when the whistle went. Anyhow still top of the league and still unbeaten United march on to a match against Angels FC.

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